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Trading Services

Sambros International is a commercial business that buys products and sells it to customer. It handles products in a wide range of industries and is involved in all stages of the supply chain from development and purchasing of raw materials to manufacture, processing, distribution, and sale, providing services with high added-value. Our funcction is to identify constantly changing customer needs and to provide services that are a step ahead of the times.

We have two types of trading services for our customers:

  •  General Trading
  •  Specialized Trading

Logistics Services

We plan, implement, and control the movement and storage of goods, services, or information within a supply chain and between the points of origin and consumption. Our logistics services handle some or all of supply chain functions, depending on a client’s logistical needs.

Coordinating the movement of supplies and materials is now a globalized process. Today, the business sector uses logistics services as a tool to have efficient flow and storage of goods from point of origin to the point of consumption.

The supply chain is a vital part of this process. A proper supply chain may include transportation, shipping, receiving, storage, and management of all or one of these functions. Our logistics services may also apply to information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, packaging, disposal, and security within the business sector.


Trading Services

Service Description

We are specialized in trading services that cover all export and import operations and procedures. Sambros International buys products from one country and sell them in different countries where it has its own distribution network. We mostly work with high production volumes of products such as raw materials, chemicals, generic pharmaceuticals, etc. Our trading activities include:

  •  Identification of suppliers in different countries with capacity to supply large volumes of generic products at competitive prices.
  •  Negotiating the terms of sale and delivery of products.
  •  Financing and assurance of payment to the supplier exporter.
  •  Managing logistics and transport.
  •  Managing customs and barriers of international trade.
  •  Distribution and sale of the products through its retail network.

Export & Import

Service Description


Our import service supports companies to develop their presence in foreign markets and to increase their business. Based on our clients’ requests, we scout for products worldwide to match with expected price, quality, volume and innovation. We connect to suppliers from the area of interest and carefully we assess them based on reliability and expected product quality and services. Our support focuses on the perfect partner.

We share with our clients as much target area information as possible.to allow clients to evaluate the business risk and the potential returns from that region economic system. We monitor suppliers production progress, as well as prototypes / new models / collections. On behalf of our clients we perform quality controls on items before shipment.


Our export service supports companies for their business development worldwide. Our foreign markets knowledge and the related product demands enables our clients to point to the most attractive products to export in any market of interest. Thanks to our foreign partners we select the most attractive products to export.

Our commitment is to stand with our clients on a regular basis, to maximise their return on investment and to define the strategy aimed to product positioning on international markets. We organize foreign missions, international shipments, specific events, local representative and fair participation.


Logistics Services

Service Description

The logistics services is one of the major needs of the market for business which covers the essential part of the trading process through consigning the gods from one place to another and connects the businesses either to businesses or to the customers. Our logistics services includes the transportation, warehousing, and optimization process which are all connected to each other in several stages of the logistics.

Sambros International can store your stock in clean, secure facilities; pick and pack goods for distribution; and deliver them to your customers or partners, quickly and professionally.

With our transportation management system, you can have deliveries in short time – and you’ll have personal, direct access to or premium services.

The benefits of using our logistics services can include reduced transport costs, much faster turnaround times on customer orders and easier, faster, more accurate inventory management.

Our Logistics Services

Service Description

Air Freight

We offer both international and domestic air freight services. We can accommodate your bulk shipments as well as heavier items. We will provide your needs and bring them with our Air Freight services.

Road Freight

Our road freight service is an efficient and affordable option for bulk goods you need transported and supplied for you. The domestic projects in the countries where we operate will be delivered and supplied to our clients with our Road Freight services.

Sea Freight

Sambros International’s sea freight service provides you with the fastest and most cost-effective transportation and supply of bulk shipments of goods to ports around the world. You don’t need to worry about supply of your goods anymore.

Freight Forwarding

If you’re part of the freight forwarding community, you can use Sambros Logistics services to manage the entire international market section of your business. Sambros Logistics services enables you to operate an end-to-end supply chain, using your company’s file references and bill lading numbers.

Pick and Pack

We offer our customers assistance in the picking and packing of goods for distribution. You can hand over the supply side of your business to industry experts and rest assured that your products will reach your clients safely and on time.


If you need warehousing space for your stock, Sambros International will provide you with a cost-effective inventory storage solution. Our warehousing service will manage and store your goods in safe place with software managed solution.