Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

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Oil & Gas

Sambros International supplies the full range of land petroleum, oil and lubricant (POL) products in accordance with the local or International standards and as per specific requirements.

The business model on which our organization works is all about sourcing and selling of fuel and related products in the mass market.

The main source of fuel extraction are from Russian Federation, and we are serving Russian Refineries to maintain and build their industries fuel efficient, so production can be performed fluently with the fuel processes.

The whole process to fuel extraction, and processing along with the supply based on the demand of our customers, and the letter of intent.

We serve Afghan market with fuels such as Jet A80, D2, L62 ,Jet A1, TC-1, with refinery certificate,

We are very strict with payment conditions, and follow the law by every means, in order to process with our customers we always need confirmed letter of credit.

We are serving our clientele for number of years, and we assure every possible ease for them, in order to provide them quality customer service, we have storage available on the border in order to keep the commodity save.

Our excellent support service and extensive network of logistics helps us to provide transportation in an out of the country. Which gives Sambros International niche in fuel business, making it one stop shop for fuel needs.