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Healthcare & Education

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Healthcare & Education

01 Health

The chairman of the group Dr. Mohammad Raza Samim Aryubi, who is a doctor by profession, came to a conclusion to remain attached to the medical field and thus gave a thought to launch the health care services, wherein he can be actively be part of the profession, after several meetings and visits to hospitals and clinics, has pushed our group to venture in health care field, where in we can care our people and serve our nation.

Sambros International will launch it’s much anticipated Healthcare Services in coming days.

The low quality of health services has drawn our attention after visiting several hospitals and clinics in Afghanistan, we intend to change the scenario by serving the nation with better and quality medical services.

The idea remains simple to primarily start with quality medicine distribution, medical laboratories and diagnostic clinics, and the secondary step would be building up quality hospital chains around the country.

We will initially start with a medical store along with a diagnostic clinic in three districts of Kabul where Sambros International’s head quarter is located, the services may contain quality medicine distribution, diagnostic center along with top physiotherapy centre designed and managed by Indian doctors.

This will open a gateway for a broad base establishments in regard to health care industry and will accordingly provide us a guide line for new improvements.

Our medical distribution will focus on quality medicine distribution, which shall follow strict code of quality assurances and International standards and will never compromise on quality.

So far the country has a history of over 30 years of civil war which has physically and mentally affected civilians. It has become a necessity to establish a standard physiotherapy center to cure patients coming with a history of disturbances psychologically or physically caused by those wars.

We have been through some of the diagnostic cases obtained from different medical centers around the world and have seen people wait on for the results for days and sometimes even for months and in some cases we have seen patients perish before even receiving the diagnostic results, to avoid such sad incidents and trauma for the family of the patient, Sambros International has decided to establish state of the art diagnostic centers to support the patients and to have access to all the facilities under one roof.

We are in the process of hiring medical experts from different countries to start with the medical distribution and diagnostic centers and we are also in process of implementing short courses and crash courses to teach and train the local population in different sector of health care, by doing so it will create job opportunities for locals and besides it will be boon to gain knowledge for the people of Afghanistan and the next generation to come and especially those women, who are deprived socially.

02 Education

After the international community, the assistance forces and coalition entered in Afghanistan, the new era of education development had begun, we have seen immense growth within past years and we have witnessed number of nurseries, schools, colleges and universities come into existence, which has helped tremendously, the young Afghan generation deprived of basic education.

It has helped those pupils who had less or no chance of entering the government campus, so the private education program has been a new light of wisdom and joy for those underprivileged one.

With these new programs in line, it has been a positive move by the government administration to respond to the education needs.

We had seen, besides the vast amount of dollars being poured in the education system, still the standard of education was something to concern and more struggle was needed to bring the education system on a global level. Sambros International understands the struggle required and knows the importance of educating the Afghan generation, to make those dreams come true, Sambros International strived to work on education programs and formed a education trust.

Work has already begun on building the university in heart of the city named Musa Tower in Kabul, which shall be a world class university offering world class education, this initiative has given us courage and vision to expand on nationwide basis.

We are working on a progressive plan to build more schools and colleges which shall benefit the numerous children’s, who wish to study but have no means to do so, after the completion of Musa Tower, which is our foundation, built on trust.

Our purpose and goal of these education programs are to:

  • Provide quality education for underprivileged children
  • Quality education for less fees
  • Give chance for every aspiring student, who can’t afford
  • Provide free education for girls
  • Develop the skills and create experts in different fields for a prosperous Afghanistan