Sambros International Services


Agricultural structures are more than simply a barn; they are critical to the development of any country’s agricultural economy. They enhance housing, transportation, and storage facilities, as well as providing contemporary conveniences, better working conditions for farmers, and better living conditions for poultry and animals.

They are frequently regarded as one of the disciplines of agricultural engineering, as they deal with design, detailed planning, and building. We’re here to help you with all of your agricultural requirements.

Sambros International offers:

01 Equipment Storage

To accommodate all of your tractors and combines, farm equipment and storage buildings require high ceilings, wide floor area, and huge doors.

We understand the importance of having enough storage space, and our staff is prepared to design a solid, long-lasting building.

02 Crop Storage

Crop storage and hay barn facilities need to be weather-proof to sustain any temperature or condition. 

03 Livestock

If you need a sufficient cow, sheep, or horse barn for your farm, Sambros Int is your ultimate agricultural building contractor. We have experience in building many agricultural constructions.

04 Insulated Workshop

A productive workshop is one that is well-insulated. We can assist you with building, renovating, or adding to your workshop to provide a comfortable and productive workstation for your everyday tasks.

Steel agricultural workshops for a suitable workstation layout provide several advantages, including cheap maintenance, extended lifespan, and energy efficiency.

05 Dairy

Dairy operations are critical every day, and the productivity of the herd is often determined by the cows’ comfort. We can offer the finest barn for your business based on our expertise developing and refurbishing free stalls, milking parlors, maternity barns, manure processing facilities, and more.

06 Greenhouse

A greenhouse is a unique type of building that is used to grow plants and vegetables that require controlled environmental conditions. The walls and ceiling of a greenhouse are typically made of glass or other transparent materials. Commercial greenhouses, for the most part, are high-tech buildings utilized in contemporary agriculture.