Design/Construction of Ahmad Abad to Gardez Road, Paktia Province

As referenced above, the work in this contract included survey, design, and construction of 12.5 Km Ahmad Abad to Gardiz

May 14, 2024
7:51 am

Heating and Cooling System Upgrading for the ANA located at KAF (Kandahar Airfield)

The heating and cooling system upgrading project consisted of the design, construction, and complete installation of diesel fired heaters with

May 14, 2024
7:49 am

Supply and Installation of HESCO, Beams, Barbed Wire, and Concertina Wire

The main objective of this contract was supply and installation of drop arm gates, HESCO, barbed wire, and concertina wire

May 11, 2024
5:26 am