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Incepted in 2002 as ESCC (Emar-E-Sarey Construction Company), Sambros International has paved its way in Construction as well as material supply services. In 2009, the company was registered in Miami USA as Sambros International. The name of the company stands for the company owner and founder, where, Sam stands for Samim (Dr. Mohammad Raza Samim), and Bros stands for brothers.

The Sambros International was principally involved in food industry, UAE where the market is well known for Halal products. The registration of the company was done in Silicon Oasis Free Zone Dubai. In addition to that, the company was also involved in fuel industry as prime supplier to transporation and construction companies. The company has built up impressive track records of notable as well as iconic projects with excellent performance and high quality products and services to its clients.

Our HistoryHistory

At Sambros International, we provide our customers with products and services that can meet as well as exceed their expectations. Our employees constantly strive towards finding new as well as innovative solutions as well as offer our customers with excellent services. However, their commitment, motivation and expertise altogether have made Sambros International a dynamic as well as internationally active company.

We, at Sambros International, maintain close relationship with tribal leaders and other influential figures. We are also trying to decrease the unemployment rates in villages of Afghanistan by hiring employees and local skilled and unskilled labors.

Thus, the key to success of the company is the employees who are the main factor determining its business results. At Sambros International, we have exceptionally highly motivated, committed as well as qualified professionals who are our true assets. They apply their knowledge of worldwide markets, innovative technologies, technical applications as well as processes wherever needed.

Fulfilling client requests on the go
Manufacturing the requested product
Finishing upon requested time


Registered as Emar-E-Sarey Construction Company

Served as a prime vendor for all US projects in Afghanistan like CSTC-A, BAF, KAF, USACE etc.

Other major and minor projects

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Registered as Sambros International in Miami, US

Provided services for UNAMA, USAID, ADB, PRTs, World Bank as well as for Afghan’s Government

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More than 100 employees

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Proud of it's JourneyJourney

Furthermore, economic viability and cost effectiveness of the work performed, provision of safe working environment, cooperation with the client, and strong commitment to customer satisfaction have been key values to Sambros Int and therefore played an important role in our success. This is what it makes Sambros International a unique business entity and a value to our clients.
Providing job opportunities for Afghans and enhance the future to the highest level
Seeking our customer's trust by providing exceptional logistic solutions
Valuing our coworkers
Constructing our client's dream into reality
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There is no question that the companies should appoint the right experts those are capable enough to handle the quality control related issues. Here, the best name that can do the work with quality and expertise that is Sambros International.
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