Sambros Int is one the most highly regarded group of companies engaged in providing construction and material supply services across the world. Over the past decades Sambros International have earned a reputation for being successful in food industry spawning in UK market. The company also ventures into fuel supply mining, gemstone and education. Currently, the company has launched medical services in Afghanistan as chain of Pharmacies, Super Specialty Clinics, labs as well as Hospitals. Today with the with the amalgamation of excellence and innovation, we remain as the most prosperous name among the clientele and has earned the tag of being socially responsible. With worldwide operations and efficient workforce, our company is growing in strength day by day.

Our History

In the year 2002, Sambros International was registered as Emar-E-Sarey Construction Company and was serving as a prime vendor for all US projects in Afghanistan like CSTC-A, BAF, KAF, USACE etc. In order to create a strong foundation, the company has also provided services for UNAMA, USAID, ADB, PRTs, World bank as well as for Afghan’s Government.

The journey Of thousand miles began in the year 2009 when the company was registered in Miami USA as Sambros International. Here the term Sambros has its own meaning, where Sam stands for Samim, the last name of the owner and founder of Sambros International (Dr.  Mohammad Raza Samim) and Bros stands for brothers; so, altogether, the name was created as Sambros International.


Sambros International acquired commendable success within a short span of time and much of the credit goes to our talent oriented professionals who have been hired both at national and international levels in order to satiate every need of our customers – be it in specifications, budget, and given work plans.

Since, its inception in the year 2002, our company has earned tremendous reputations in delivering both minor as well as major projects. Going forward, we at Sambros International are continuously seeking to differentiate ourselves through innovation, customer-centricity, trustworthiness, entrepreneurship as well as values driven business operations.

Sambros International History 2002

Registered as Emar-E-Sarey Construction Company 

Served as a prime vendor for all US projects in Afghanistan like CSTC-A, BAF, KAF, USACE etc. 

Other major and minor projects. 


Registered as Sambros International in Miami, US

Provided services for UNAMA, USAID, ADB, PRTs, World Bank as well as for Afghan’s Government. 


More than 100 employees. 


More than 150 employees. 

Proud of it's Journey

Furthermore, economic viability and cost effectiveness of the work performed, provision of safe working environment, cooperation with the client, and strong commitment to customer satisfaction have been key values to Sambros Int and therefore played an important role in our success. This is what it makes Sambros International a unique business entity and a value to our clients.

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