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We, Sambros international believe in providing the best experience of the timely handover of the projects along with the quality services. We have done the same work since 2002. We successfully handle the requirements of the best national and international civil and military organizations like US Army Corps of Engineers, USAI, UNOPS, UNAMA, PROVINCIAL Reconstruction Teams (PRT’s) and the afghan Government. Our experience in the filed of construction and logistics and the best team of professionals who are highly related people whether in the national or international market surely gives you the assurance of the 100% clients’ satisfaction. Our team has the specific knowledge that is assigned to them and their hard work makes our full afghan-owned company is the best one in the market. 


This is also worthy to know that this organization is not only capable to give you the wide range of Turkey construction and logistics services but also our company belongs to that limited group of organizations that provide you the service anywhere in the county. Yes, we do the work in the most unsecured areas as well. Sambros International LLC has also expertise in providing the construction and supply services all through the country. Our successful recent works give us the lessons how to work even in the worst situation and take the daily challenges to shape the project as the way clients are opting for.


Our Capabilities

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Sambros International has been recognized with supplier and manufacturer awards and certifications from both national and international organization and clients. Join the pool of satisfied clients. 


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Furthermore, economic viability and cost effectiveness of the work performed, provision of safe working environment, cooperation with the client, and strong commitment to customer satisfaction have been key values to Sambros Int and therefore played an important role in our success. This is what it makes Sambros International a unique business entity and a value to our clients.

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A project is a venture that is able to make the unique product, service or result. The appropriate project always gives you the indication of a beginning and a proper end. there is no doubt that the end will be there when all the requirements of the projects are fulfilled properly.