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I take great pleasure in welcoming you to Sambros International group of Companies. We have added to portfolio, the charm and experience of challenging and versatile projects, owing to our team of extremely dedicated professionals.

I take great pleasure in welcoming you to Sambros International group of Companies. We have added to portfolio, the charm and experience of challenging and versatile projects, owing to our team of extremely dedicated professionals.

President of Sambros Internation

Dr. Mohammad Raza Samim Aryubi

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Working diligently over the last decades, Our progress and Success can be seen in Road Construction, Infrastructure, Education, Agriculture, Peace and Security, Electricity, Water Supply, Canalization, Airport Upgrading, ANA and ANR

Guided by insight and vast experience of working in Afghanistan. I have succeeded in sealing multi-million dollar contracts for various of our respected clients like US Army ,ISAF, Government of Afghanistan etc. Apart from this, I have collaborated with various agencies since 2001 to implement more than 90 minor and major contracts throughout the market.

Dedication and resilience

Sambros International Key PersonnelOur team

Efficiently enable enabled sources and cost effective products. Completely synthesize principle-centered information after ethical communities. Efficiently innovate open-source infrastructures via inexpensive materials.
Country Manager


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Mr. Mohammadullah has 10 years’ experience in design/construction general manager in various companies like IOM. Care International. ACRU and Sambros International throughout Afghanistan. He was mainly in volatile unsecured areas. He has vast experience in Project scheduling. Planning and effective implementation of processes and procedures by analyzing scope of work and complexity.

He has done projects specially for US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), USAID, United Nations, Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRT)and Government of Afghanistan. He has been awarded with so many recognitions for these mentioned contributions.

Construction General Manager

Mohammad Fayaz Fazez

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Mr. Fayaz has worked as project manager as well as construction supervisor for a large number of local and international companies in Afghanistan. He is extraordinarily talented and very committed to do his job faithfully.

He is General Construction Manager in Sarnbros International right now for all the ongoing projects throughout Afghanistan. He has a great talent Of Project Scheduling and Trading analyses and also technical analysis Of Stock Market.

Besides this, he achieved finishing classes related to Safety and Construction/Quality/Management (COM) conducted by USACE and Engineering College of Kabul University. He started his career in Sambros International in March. 2006 and played important roles in bagging some good contracts like:

Design/ Construction of Ahmad Abad to Cardez Road. Paktia Province, construction of ANP-Head Quarters, and many more.

Proposal Development Manager

Mohammad Anwar Fetrat

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Mr. Fetrat has worked for so many national and internal companies in Afghanistan as QC Manager. Site-Superintendent, Estimation and proposal Preparation Manager for USACE projects after his graduation.

He became Proposal Preparation Director in Sambros International with the help of his excellent professional writing skill and his site experience which was important for work methodology and making the plans for work.

He brought $5,5 million design and construction contract for Sambros International by his talent and hard work from the clients like UNAMA. His skills brought him so many awards and recognitions and letters of appreciation from all the clients. He completed Safety and Quality Control courses conducted by USACE to grow his skills.

IT Manager

M. Najeem Nayebkhil

  • Career & Experience

Mr. Najeem has 4 years of experience as IT Manager in Sambros International. He can do managing/fixing damaged computers. printing machines and all server or network related problems with great expertise.

He is also a very responsible to keep confidentiality of the company safely and because of that no leakage happened ever in his presence. Not even to the unauthorized employees, He can take very strict measure regarding this to save the company from hackers.

Cost Estimation Officer

Mohammad Fahim Seddiqi

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Mr. Fahim has deep insight and vast experience in various different capacities all over the industry. He specialized in working as a cost estimation engineer, technical proposal writer, project engineer and a quality control manager for several different engineering firms in Afghanistan. He is well versed with detailed and conceptual estimates to determine the specific total budget for any kind of project. He has contributed to the continual progress of our company from his very first day. he plays an important role in controlling costs and estimating the overall cost attached to the project.

Due to his eagerness for continuous development and the effort put forward, we have managed to stay in the top ten of interested vendors for almost 90% of the proposals that we have Submitted.

With a view to broaden his horizon and understanding of the field. he has completed a Quality Control and Safety Training course that is offered by the US Army Corp of Engineers. Owing to his efficiency and dedication to the company, he can prepare detailed activity/time schedules for different kinds of large-scale projects.

Design Manager

Mohammad Nazir Aria

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Mr. Nazir has worked with various different construction companies as a design manager and has amassed over five years of experience in the sector, His strength as an architect lies in his ability to both verbally and visually communicate with the clients in Order to give them a crystal clear picture of the proposed project or structure. Moreover, he works in close quarters with the clients, which makes him more open to suggestions and ideas of the clients as well as from his peers at Sambros International.

We have entrusted him with responsibility for overseeing the whole design package and making sure that the documents required for the project are completed and meet the expectations of the client and the company.

Quality Control Manager


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Ever since his graduation in 2004, Mr. Enayatullah has worked as both quality controller and design manager for many USACE companies. His primary duties as a quality control manager include overlooking the construction process and making sure that the work is carried in accordance with the provided specifications and scope of the work. Further, he also checks the scope of the work with the contractor’s proposal and lays down the quality control plan.

In his position as the company’s design manager, his main responsibility is the reviewing and checking of all the concerned design drawings and perform safety procedures and checks in accordance with NFPA provisions.

His solid quality control background, an array of essential skill sets and his determination for the good of the company has made him the perfect option to be appointed as the Quality Control Manager of Sambros International.

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