As referenced above, the work in this contract included survey, design, and construction of 12.5 Km Ahmad Abad to Gardiz road and other pertinent structures. Similarly, survey and design was performed and comprehensive quality control, safety, and risk management plans were prepared by our professional engineers and submitted for review and approval from the client. After approval of the necessary plans and design documents, the actual construction phase begins. Considering the existing realities on the ground, tight security measures were taken to provide safe working environment for all personnel involved in this project. Furthermore, strong collaboration between the Afghan National Army and police was essential to avoid any terrorist activities around the project site which could have impaired or hampered the work progress. Despite all, the construction work was accomplished on-time with full satisfaction of the client according to the specification and scope of work.

As referenced above, the purpose of this project is to design and build Afghanistan’s National Border Police (ANBP) compounds for 2000 personnel in Ter Zai, Towr Dand, Jaji Maidan, and Chergotai sites in Khost province of Afghanistan. The project is defined as the management, design, material, labor, and equipment to design and construct all buildings, utilities, roads, complete electrical systems, force protection measures, site security, and de-mining activities. The design work was split into four stages i.e., 35%, 65%, 99%, and 100% and the design calculations and drawings for each stage were then submitted to the client (USACE) for approval.

After the Notice to Proceed (NTP) was issued on 27 August 2008 Sambros International Incorporation (SII) received approval of the master plan from the prospective authorities. Following the approval of the master plan as well as the necessary design drawings/calculations, the construction work was started on site. As the work progressed, our supply convoys to the site were frequently attacked by the insurgents and even resulted in loss of life in some cases. Even though each project site is located in close vicinity to the Pakistan border, Sambros International successfully implemented significant portions of the contract work in total conformance to the provided specifications.  The Past Performance Questionnaire form, fill out by Mr. Siow, Miow-Yu- Tan, project Contracting Officer Representative (COR), was extremely favorable to our staff.

The heating and cooling system upgrading project consisted of the design, construction, and complete installation of diesel fired heaters with evaporative cooling capacity to include, but not limited to: complete ductwork system, fuel piping system, electrical system, application of exterior wall rigid board insulation or field applied (sprayed) polyurethane foam and protective cement stucco, and additional roof insulation for various sizes of previously constructed Afghan National Army Garrison buildings.

The project is defined as the provision of all management, material, labor, and equipment to provide a complete and functional heating/cooling system along with building insulation to create an overall efficient system. The project’s final cost was 6,012,150.00 USD and completed in September 2010.