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As an international multi-technical services provider of the Oil & Gas, Our services provide the oil and gas industry with a complete range of resources and skills for delivering high quality natural and industrial Oil & Gas. In addition to that, building and operating facilities and optimizing production in the best possible conditions in terms of safety, costs, lead times and quality.

With professional experts of different nationalities working in many countries in Europe, Africa, the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East, Oil & Gas Services offers services across five business major lines:

  • Projects, Engineering & Construction
  • Assessment & Competency Development
  • Commissioning & Start up
  • Operations, Maintenance & Asset Integrity
  • Well Delivery & Management

for its customers, including operators, engineering firms, and oil and gas contractors.


Oil and Gas

Service Description

Oil and gas services refer to products and processes that support the oil and gas industry, including projects, engineering & construction, assessment & competency development, commissioning & start up, operations, maintenance & asset integrity, and the processing and delivery of energy assets to market.

Frequently the term is used to describe offerings from companies that provide supportive services to the industry, including engineering solutions. Often implemented with help from experienced third-party business and technology consultants, oil and gas services can help producers save money, operate more efficiently and even plan and implement new business models.

Sambros International have learned to survive in low-price markets and looking for ways to create a longer-term sustainable advantage. We seek to help oil and gas contractors to make incremental improvements in technical or operational capabilities.

Project Engineering & Construction

Service Description

Sambros International has proven expertise and experience in oil and gas field surface construction, petroleum and petrochemical engineering, long-distance pipeline construction and marine engineering & construction etc, supported by a number of dedicated and efficient survey, design, engineering and construction crews as well as well-established quality management systems and a full set of operational and technical procedures.

We are capable of carrying out construction operations under extreme geological and climate conditions in swamps, jungles and deserts. We have participated in the design and construction of large-scale petroleum and petrochemical projects in many countries and achieved a remarkable track record.

With highly qualified engineers and designers, our multi-disciplined engineering teams encompass process, mechanical and electrical systems, structure, piping, instrumentation, control, survey, 3D scanning and documentation.


Assessment And Competency Development

Service Description

One of the biggest oil and gas companies in the world developed a commercialization project as part of a critical infrastructure strategic program for countries to meet future gas demand, and to provide an integrated end-to-end system, combining upstream and downstream capabilities in one entity.

So we created the aspiration to be the world leader in producing and commercializing Oil and Gas, as well as be the best-in-class oil and gas providing company worldwide. Since the industry is in its development phase of the commercialization (i.e. selling it to end customer), the CEO of Sambros International observed that the company’s team is able to take the company to the peak of the industry. In other words, his staff exhibited the desired behaviors that augment shareholder value.

Commissioning and Start Up

Service Description

Commissioning and start-up activities are complex, multifaceted, and demanding. Even a small disruption can delay a project’s timeline and cause cost overruns. Careful planning and expert execution across the entire workflow reduces risks and helps ensure short- and long-term project success.

Sambros International’s dedicated start-up and commissioning teams are experts in managing and executing safe, effective project start-ups. Whether you’re working onshore or offshore, crafting a new-build facility or modifying existing assets, we can customize a solution that meets your expectations. We align our teams, efforts, and operations to your business objectives and work with you to ensure successful execution.

The transition from construction to operation is the commissioning and startup. Processing Oil and Gas commissioning embraces activities such as exploration, verifications, extraction, leak tests, performance evaluation and functional tests essential for bringing a newly installed facilities into routine operation. Correct commissioning is vital to the satisfactory operation of any Oil and Gas plant or facility and it is essential that clear detailed procedures are closely followed in order to achieve this.


Well Delivery & Management

Service Description

Petroleum products serve as the lifeblood of countless industries. Sambros International understands that timely customer service, oil and gas quality, and price are important factors to consider when choosing an oil and gas supplier.  With years of experience in oil and gas industry, Sambros has created a knowledgeable team dedicated to providing your business with industry-leading service and quality with a competitive price.

The Sambros advantage is apparent from day one. As a leading oil and gas supplier, our expansive nationwide network of petroleum terminals allows us to deliver to any part of the world with unmatched speed and reliability. Sambros’ unmatched customer service allows us to constantly grow, easily expanding our remote location delivery network.

Our expertise, nationwide network of strategic partners and regional operation hubs make sure customers’ complete fueling needs are fulfilled.