Agricultural Services

The agricultural industry is made up of several diverse segments that provide services to an equally diverse clientele. We provide information, consulting, equipment, and supplies to the agricultural industry.

Sambros International can help you understand the challenges facing agriculture and implement sustainable solutions that deliver effective results. We use our deep understanding of the international policy landscape to help clients comply with regulations and support better policy development.

Our agricultural support services include:

  • Agricultural Survey
  • Fertilizer Supply
  • Irrigation
  • Agricultural Machinery

Sambros International is committed to promoting and supporting agriculture industry in Afghanistan. We employ a team of highly skilled agronomists around the globe, who provide ongoing technical support to our agricultural projects. We can offer diverse support to farmers, land owners, companies, and organizations who are considering growth in their agricultural projects.


Agricultural Survey

Service Description

Surveying or land surveying is the technique, profession, art, and science of determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional position of points and the distances and angles between them. As Surveying professionals, we want to help agriculture industry to reach its peek point through having sufficient information about the land they are operating the project in.

These geometric points are usually on the surface of the Earth, and they are often used to establish maps and boundaries for ownership, locations, such as the designed positions of structural components for construction or the surface location of subsurface features, or other purposes required by government or civil law, such as property sales which we will survey them for you.

Our surveyors will work with elements of geodesy, geometry, trigonometry, regression analysis, physics, engineering, metrology, programming languages, and the law. They use equipment, such as total stations, robotic total stations, theodolites, GNSS receivers, retro-reflectors, 3D scanners, LiDAR sensors, radios, inclinometer, handheld tablets, optical and digital levels, subsurface locator, drones , GIS, and surveying software.

Fertilizer Supply

Service Description

A fertilizer is any material oof natural or synthetic origin that is applied to soil or to plant tissues to supply plant nutrients. Fertilizers may be distinct form linming materials or other non-nutrient soild amendments. Since a part of life is connnected to agricultural products, we want to promote this industry through supplying fertilizers to enhance the soil and increase the products.

For most modern agricultural practices, fertilization focuses on three main macro nutrients: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) , and Potassium (K) with occasional addtion of supplements like rock dust for micronutrients. Farmers apply these fertilizers in a veriety of ways: through dry or pelletized or liquid application processes, using large agricultural equipment or hand-tool methods.

Fertilizers enhance the growth of plants. This goal is met in tow ways, the traditional one being additives that provide nutrients, the second mode by which some fertilizers act is to enhance the effectiveness of the soil by modifying tis water retention and aeration. This article, like many fertilizers, emphasizes the nutritional aspect.

Sambros International will provide the finest fertilizers for your agricultural activities which will be in accordance to international standards, beneficient and will enhance the production of the products.



Service Description

Irrigation is the agricultural process of applying controlled amounts of water to land to assist in the production of crops, as well as to grow landscape plants and lawns, where it may be known as watering. Agriculture that does not use irrigation but instead relies only on direct rainfall is referred to as rain-fed. Irrigation has been a central feature of agriculture for over 5,000 years and has been developed independently by many cultures across the globe.

Various departments for Irrigation, landscaping, agriculture, sales of specialized machinery and after sales services, offer a complete range of related activities. Our continuous development and experiments on different and con-temporary root-zone mixes coupled with computer-programmed and localized irrigation systems guarantee enormous savings in energy and water consumption.

Sambros International’s prime concern is the protection and improvement of the environment. We co-operate with various international companies and Institutions in developing and implementing programmes that protect and improve the environment.

Agricultural Machinery

Service Description

Agricultural machinery and products refers to the machine used in doing various types of farm works. The use of machines in doing various types of work started during the industrialisation period in the middle ages culminated in the contemporary time. With these machines, a lot of work can be accomplished just in few hours.

Sambros International is one of the world’s leading agricultural machinery and equipment dealer, built on a solid reputation of excellent aftersales service and a dedicated team, offering a wide range of quality livestock, arable and grassland products. From tractors to telehandlers, cultivation to forage harvesting equipment, trailers to hedge cutters, we supply the various leading brands: Kubota, Merlo, Vicon, Bomford, Browns and Ktwo sales.

In our agriculture dealership services, we sell and lease the highest quality new agricultural equipment and used farm equipment in the industry. We provide our customers with the support they need through our Parts and Service departments.