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Road Construction

Road construction is a popular sort of infrastructure project. Roads are used to connect places with each other and are used with different purposes such as streets, mid-roads, and highways hosting low-load vehicles to high tonnage vehicles. The quality of the roads are defined by the usage and tonnage of the vehicles.

Road rebuilding is also an infrastructure project activity that offers long-term fixes to an existing road, and mending is sometimes the only choice. We implement all sorts of road constructions which are:

  • Earth road and gravel roads.
  • Soil stabilized roads.
  • Water bound macadam road.
  • Bituminous or blacktop road.
  • Cement concrete road.

Bridge Construction

Bridges are a critical component of infrastructure projects. Bridges are a common feature of the built environment and one of the key elements of civil engineering. The basic principles of bridge design are dependent on the load-bearing structure.

Sambros International has experience with a wide variety of construction methods, from repairing historic cast-iron structures and masonry arches, to erecting modern steel-girder and concrete bridges. Whether building an overpass for greater traffic efficiency, a pedestrian bridge to connect two communities, or a signature bridge that will inspire a whole city, we understand the importance of working closely with local road and infrastructure engineering companies, agencies, and contractors.

Type of Bridges we build:

  • Arch Bridges
  • Beam Bridges
  • Truss Bridges
  • Cantilever Bridges
  • Tied Arch Bridges
  • Suspension Bridges
  • Cable-Stayed Bridges
  • Moveable Bridges

Road Construction

Service Description

Transport and mobility are a key part of today’s society. Roads must be durable and safe otherwise they present a danger to their users and the environment, as well as increasing repair costs. However, because they are exposed to varying (and extreme) conditions it is not easy to construct and maintain strong and durable roads. Also, the quality of components in road products, especially bitumen, can vary widely.

Sambros International provides services for road construction projects across the world. From building brand new roads to constructing street furniture, we can perform every aspect of road construction. Our team are skilled road contractors with years of experience working on asphalt, concrete and bitumen roads. We have all the relevant equipment including graders, rollers and dozers available to complete road construction projects of all shapes and scopes.

Our road construction services help you to understand the behavior of road materials in relation to expected loads and deterioration mechanisms. We have the experience and expertise to test and assess the performance and durability of road materials and products.

Bridge Construction

Service Description

Bridge construction tends to involve huge projects that encompass the utilization of skills related to several engineering disciplines including geology, civil, electrical, mechanical, and computer sciences. Therefore, a leading partner is needed for integrating the efforts of all involved that must be meticulous.

The initial plans are prepared regarding the project, including the characteristics of the desired bridge, the site details, and the requirement of resources. The bridge design will be determined by the type of bridge being constructed.

The main types of the bridges are beam, arch, truss, cantilever, and suspension. The beam bridge is one of the popular types. Bridges can also be categorized by the planned use, like road and rail bridge, pedestrian pavement, material to be used like steel or concrete, and fixed or moveable. Moveable bridges are constructed when the ship height may be more than the bridge floor. In such situations, the road has the capability to be lifted or pivoted, to permit marine traffic movement under it.

We have several years of experience in delivering the bridge construction projects and have completed plenty of the bridge projects with high standards.

Construction of tall concrete pylon of bridge using tower crane