Agriculture Institute Building Baghlan, Helmand Provinces

This $1,200,000.00  project is for the  Design  and Build  of Agriculture Institute Building  Baghlan, Helmand Provinces  Afghanistan, The project is illustrated as Design and Build of including, Baghlan, Helmand  Provinces of Afghanistan, and other infrastructures for 400 personnel to include: Design ,Build and Force Protection Measures. Within days of the NTP issued on (20 July 2006) Sambros International Inc was able to get approval of the master plan. The design was final 100% to facilitate the most efficient schedules for mobilization and force protection.

The critical items needed to start our construction were either secured from our Kabul stock or air freighted from various suppliers. Within 1 August 2006 Sambros International Inc. started construction work on all the foundations. We were able to start construction even though our convoys were delayed by weeks and regularly attacked. SII supervisors are devoting their time and efforts for high quality construction work on the job site and closely in touched with QAR assigned from the Government site for better.