Heating and Cooling System Upgrading for the ANA located at KAF (Kandahar Airfield)

The heating and cooling system upgrading project consisted of the design, construction, and complete installation of diesel fired heaters with evaporative cooling capacity to include, but not limited to: complete ductwork system, fuel piping system, electrical system, application of exterior wall rigid board insulation or field applied (sprayed) polyurethane foam and protective cement stucco, and additional roof insulation for various sizes of previously constructed Afghan National Army Garrison buildings.

The project is defined as the provision of all management, material, labor, and equipment to provide a complete and functional heating/cooling system along with building insulation to create an overall efficient system. The project’s final cost was 6,012,150.00 USD and completed in September 2010.

Project Type :
Date of Completion:
01 September 2010
Contract No.:
Status Of Completion:
100 %
US Army Corps of Engineers