ANP District HQ Paktika- Yahya-khail Paktika Province Afghanistan

This project is defined as the management, design, material, labor, and equipment to construct and/or refurbish all utilities, buildings, road construction, force protection measures, job site security, and demining activities. This project could be counted Sambros International great achievement showing our capabilities to accomplish the work assigned in remote and hostile environments such as Yahya-khail in Paktika province. Despite the security and other challenges to supply necessary materials to the job site, we were able to get the job done on-time and in full compliance to the specification and so provided by the government. To answer possible security threats, a group of security forces involving 46 people were appointed to ensure job site security as well as safe supply of the required construction materials.

Project Type:
Construction Only
Date Of Completion:
10 December 2008
Contract No.:
Status Of Completion:
US Army (Camp Eggers)