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Mining and Minerals

Sambros’ mining process expertise encompasses all aspects of minerals and metals recovery from studies through to process design, engineering, procurement, preassembly, construction, start-up and commissioning of any size of processing facilities and related infrastructure. Our services range from retrofits and expansions of existing facilities, to the design and construction of major grassroots developments requiring extensive infrastructure facilities.

Sambros has the ability to build and maintain large- and small-scale mining projects in remote areas of the world.

Sambros implements proven mining solutions to unique, project-specific challenges, such as:

  • Assessing modularization options to improve schedule, quality, productivity and safety on projects
  • Building and maintaining projects in remote and harsh climatic regions around the world
  • Defining the feasibility of project development to assist in securing project financing
  • Developing complex bulk material handling and ore transportation systems
  • Meeting budget and schedule requirements, performance requirements and stringent environmental and safety constraints
  • Providing innovative and proven process solutions to maximize minerals and metals recovery
  • Providing program management to assist clients in understanding all aspects of project development, from inception through construction and production
  • Sourcing material globally to procure volumes of equipment and materials effectively and economically

Mining & Minerals

Service Description

As one of the world’s leading engineering, procurement, and construction management companies, Sambros has successfully executed some of the mining industry’s foremost projects.

Our dedicated group of mining and minerals professionals has the capability and expertise to execute varied scopes of services from conceptual and feasibility studies to full life-cycle EPCm projects for our clients and deliver them to cost, function and schedule certainty. Sambros’ expertise includes mining process facilities, such as copper concentrators, mine site infrastructure, and complex material handling and transportation systems.

We provide innovative, cost-effective consulting and engineering, procurement support, construction, and construction management services throughout the complete mine life cycle for new and existing mines. Our team of engineers, geologists, scientists, and technical staff solve the most complex design, operational, process, and performance challenges in the industry. We perform every project with a high-level of commitment to quality, safety, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Mines & Minerals in Afghanistan

Overview On Capacity of Mines & Minerals

Afghanistan is a country abundantly rich in natural resources. There are currently more than 1,400 mineral deposits that have been identified including energy minerals such as oil, gas and coal and other metallic and non-precious minerals such as lead, cement-grade limestone, gemstones, copper, iron, gold and salt.

Mining developments can be a pillar of future economic growth in Afghanistan creating employment and income; developing transport and other infrastructure which will help open up areas for overall economic development – generating not only considerable domestic revenue but also trade and balance of payments benefits. Simply put, if managed properly, mining in Afghanistan has the potential to be a driver of poverty reduction and sustained economic growth.

The mining sector in Afghanistan has the potential to generate large government revenues, with potential to support economic development. The long term vision in Afghanistan is developing an economically vibrant mineral sector which creates jobs, develops infrastructure, generates domestic revenue and ensures inclusive economic growth for the benefit of all Afghans. Simply put, if managed properly, mining in Afghanistan has the potential to be a driver of poverty reduction and sustained growth.


Opportunities & Analysis


Mining in Afghanistan has the potential to be a driver of poverty reduction and economic growth. It can create direct and indirect employment and income, develop transport and other infrastructures.

Gas fields have been identified in several locations of Afghanistan, 500 total fields (8 identified having the geological capacity of 180 billion cubic meter of gas). Sar-e-pul oil reserve has been identified with 44.5 million tons with the extractable reserves reaching 14.5 metric tons.

Aynak and Hajigak mines could create more than 90,000 direct and indirect jobs and approximately $500 million in annual fiscal revenues annually.

The Hajigak Iron project is the biggest project in the history of Afghanistan not just from an economic perspective but also from the scale of its operations. There are two ore zones, the middle district which will be mined as an open pit, and the west district, to be mined as an underground, block cave operation. The mine will extract about 9.9 million tons of ore per annum from the open pit, yielding some 197,000 tons of copper. Adding the underground section, this will increase to 19.8 megatonnes and 394,000 tons of copper per annum from year 17; the planned mine life is about 30 years.

In addition to these, there are hundreds of other mines in Afghanistan which are worth billions of dollars and needs to be extracted.