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Dams Construction

We build and maintain dams of various sizes for navigational, hydroelectric, diversion, storage, detention, and earthen structures. Above and below the waterline, we work on every aspect of the dam allowing us to complete building and repair work on the entire structure ourselves.

A dam is typically built across a river to create a reservoir in the valley behind it by holding water. They are sometimes built across dry valleys or valleys with small streams to form a water storage area.

Streams and rivers must be channeled to provide a dry area where the dam may be built. Small streams and rivers are typically redirected through a tunnel or a channel built around the dam’s side.

A typical sequence of events for building a dam and establishing a reservoir is as follows:

  1. Diverting the river
  2. Preparing the foundation for the dam
  3. Construction of the dam
    • Arch dam
    • Buttress dams
    • Embankment dams
    • Gravity dams
  4. Filling the Reservoir
  5. Testing that valves and floodgates
  6. Monitoring the behaviour of the newly built dam

We have partners who have been working with us for years and are our official affiliates. They will help Sambros International in providing the Dams Construction service.


Dams Construction

Service Description

The purpose of a dam is to impound (store) water, wastewater or liquid borne materials for any of several reasons, such as flood control, human water supply, irrigation, livestock water supply, energy generation, containment of mine tailings, recreation, or pollution control. Many dams fulfill a combination of the above functions.

At Sambros, we specialize in dam construction and repairs on navigational, hydroelectric, diversion, storage, detention, and earthen structures of all sizes. We work on every part of the dam, both above and below the waterline. Sambros crews have the experience and equipment necessary to work in a variety of conditions, including confined spaces, elevated work stations, underwater construction, and more. When most firms pursue dam work as a secondary focus, we have made it a primary focus with dedicated crews, specialized equipment, and a robust safety program.