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Educational Building Construction

Educational building means a building exclusively used for a school or college recognized by the appropriate Board or University, or any other competent authority involving assembly for instruction, education or recreation incidental to educational use, and including a building for such other users incidental thereto such as library, coaching class or a research institution.

Education Management

Educational management refers to the administration of the education system in which a group combines human and material resources to supervise, plan, strategise, and implement structures to execute an education system.

Health Construction

Healthcare construction is its own specialized niche and there are less people serving the industry. It’s also very technology-driven – meaning the industry is prone to change advancements in technology. From constant upgrades and reinventing spaces based on new technologies – the landscape is ever-changing and demands teams stay up to date with the latest and greatest.

Healthcare construction, like other construction industries, deals with interior and exterior building as well as ground-up projects. When constructing new healthcare facilities or working in existing facilities, there is a higher level of attention paid to the health and safety of the hospital’s staff and patients by the construction team working on the project.

Health Management

Health administration is the field relating to leadership, management, and administration of public health systems, health care systems, hospitals, and hospital networks in all the primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors.


Education Construction

Service Description

Our expertise in the Educational Building Construction is vast. We have built many education buildings throughout the period of our operation. We understand the unique challenges of working in a live educational environment and are sought by clients across the south west to deliver new builds and refurbishment to educational premises.

During our works in educational constructions, we aim to become an integral part of the educational community, attending assemblies, talking about the dangers of construction sites and providing tours of the works, if appropriate. We provide construction careers advice and give high visibility vests to pupils.

We understand the critical timing of works within the education sector. Sambros can deliver prefabricated educational buildings as detached, singular builds, extensions onto existing buildings or even as a full educational complex.

Education Management

Service Description

Education management is a service for professional companies who understands the value of knowledge and how an educational system should be managed with the help of professionals that includes principals, teachers, and other education professionals.

Educational management, also sometimes known as educational administration, is commonly associated with schools as well as institutes of higher learning like colleges and universities. With our education management service, the education system could be managed utterly with satisfaction and the system can run smoothly.

Our education management professionals have also worked with governmental agencies, private companies, and not-for-profit organizations. Our experts working in educational management develop education policy, conduct research, or consult to help evaluate and develop ways to enrich and enhance the educational system at all levels. Our educational management professionals have earned at least a master’s degree and many are licensed teachers or principals.


Health Construction

Service Description

The requirements of medical buildings and hospitals nationwide continue to get more complex, requiring deeper levels of specific expertise. We provide an even greater commitment to collaboration and teamwork in our healthcare construction projects. The result? Superior healthcare facilities that reflect the ever-growing expectations of a more informed patient.

The healthcare industry has evolved significantly in recent years, with more of a focus on services that keep patients healthy and less on optimizing the number of sick patients in beds.

Our extensive expertise in this industry means we’re always on top of the latest healthcare trends. This allows our teams to design and build hospitals that not only meet today’s standards but are well prepared to grow with the industry over the coming years. Our hospitals, physician offices, labs and more are designed to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

Health Management

Service Description

The practice is all about running a hospital, FQHC, or a clinic effectively with two fundamental aspects, such as healthcare management and administrative tasks. Whether your facility works for inpatient management or outpatient management, a streamlined healthcare management system is the core component of every healthcare organization.

Many times the medical management for ambulatory patients is mismanaged due to rigorous and ineffective protocols. Managed care systems can be leveraged to solve all the basic practice management challenges for a care facility. A medical management system plays a crucial role from appointment scheduling to medical billing and actual diagnosis to health informatics.

Sambros has a team of health experts that can provide the healthcare management solutions as per your exact needs. Using past data, demographics, clinical data, locations, and other factors, our technologies use analytics to predict better diagnosis.

Inpatient management can be made possible through robust healthcare management systems to enhance staff efficiency through healthcare automation by saving time and hassle of patient management. We can customize this medical management by automating day-to-day administrative activities and allowing instant access to other modules, leading to better patient care. A robust practice management system during pandemics like COVID needs powerful healthcare management solutions. Sambros has experience in tailoring healthcare management with better standardization and organizational governance.