Building and Infrastructure


Building Construction

As a professional firm, we oversee every phase of your building construction project and have a comprehensive portfolio covering every business area of the modern construction industry and able to meet the most sophisticated demands. We are at our customer’s side from the design through to construction and ultimately the revitalisation of any building construction project.

We excel at complex, challenging and unique building projects, both large and small, from new construction to renovation. we have the capability to complete work within the clients’s schedule, whether it requires 24×7 staffing or completing work during a factory shutdown.

We pride ourselves on having one of the most skilled teams in the industry ready to work on your building project.  Our team includes professional engineers, registered architects, field supervisors, estimators and hundreds of skilled tradespeople backed by a company with years of construction industry knowledge and experience.


With our building infrastructure service, we build public and private structures like roads, railways, bridges, water supply, channels, dams, ports, pipelines, aqueducts, and road networks that provides essential services to enable, sustain, and enhance societal living conditions.

Infrastructure is the backbone of an economy and the economy needs reliable infrastructure to move forward and meet national goals. It connects rural areas to urban areas to higher quality employment opportunity, health care and education, clean waters, gases, fuels, electricity and other basic needs.

Building Construction

Service Description

Building construction includes both residential (single and multi-family houses) and commercial (office buildings and warehouses).

Our building construction service refers to the act of building, assembling, or renovating large structures—such as homes, office buildings, shopping malls, factories, and power plants—as well as the creation and maintenance of infrastructure such as roads, railroads, dams, tunnels, and bridges.

Each project is a feat of multitasking, involving people with many skilled trades. The project normally requires laborers, carpenters, and other tradesmen to perform the physical tasks, and the job is managed by a construction manager, supervised by a project manager, and approved by a design engineer or project architect.

To successfully execute the project, we create effective planning and have trained personnel. In addition, we consider factors that are possible inconveniences to the public, environmental impact, and effects of the project on surrounding area.

Industrial Construction

Service Description

Sambros International also offers services of industrial construction which refers to energy facilities (oil and gas, solar fields), factories, distilleries, and other large-scale production facilities.

Industrial construction projects have greater exposure to risk, due to the particularly high time and quality requirements they involve. For this reason, it is our priority of our company to have sufficient guarantees that both planning and quality will be attained.

Time requirements are always great in the industrial construction field, amongst other reasons, because starting points for projects are subject to change. The prospects of large bonuses or fines. Fortunately, we ensure that we keep our construction processes under strict control, without sacrificing quality.

The processes used in industrial constructions require highly specialized expertise in planning, design, and construction which ony international firms like us can provide you with. As in building and heavy construction, our team is consisted of trained individuals to ensure successful completion of each industrial project.

Heavy Construction

Service Description

As an international firm, we build heavy constructions which includes the process of adding infrastructure to the environment we build. It includes the construction of roads, railroads, dams, and bridges, along with site grading and massive earthwork projects. We implement heavy construction projects with the direct contract of the governments to serve the public interest. We have executed a huge number of heavy construction projects at international and national level.

There are, however, many instances where such projects are undertaken by our firm including bridges, harbors, railroads, dams and mines. As in other types of construction, we always assemble our dedicated team to create an overall plan to ensure that the project’s goals are met.